Round Rock Sports Massage Professional Massage Associates

Round Rock Sports Massage: Professional Massage Associates

For a good Round Rock sports massage why not checks out Professional Massage Associates that serve not only Round Rock but also the greater Austin area as well. Most chiropractors in Round Rock recommend Professional Massage Associates and this is another good reason to get your Round Rock sports massage from them. Sports massage has been known to mankind from the very earliest and ancient times and has been used by various cultures from as long ago as three thousand years back.

Get The Best

At Professional Massage Associates you can be sure that you will get the best Round Rock sports massage because their therapists (Maria Cox and Robert Rodriguez) are thorough professionals who know their craft really well. Rodriguez has specialized knowledge in sports massage and so you can expect to get the best out of sports massage under his care.

When looking for the right Round Rock sports massage center it is necessary that you understand that sports massage aims to do many of the things that are common to other kinds of massage. In addition, when you get your sports massage you need to ensure that the person performing the massage knows the anatomy inside out and is also well versed with physiology including the skeletal and muscular systems.

An understanding of the skeletal and muscular systems ensures that the person giving you a sports massage will appreciate the special needs of athletes and will therefore provide the best service. Robert Rodriguez at Professional Massage Associates will provide you just the right kind of sports massage and this is yet another good reason to visit them for a Round Rock sports massage.

There are several benefits to be had from visiting Round Rock sports massage centers such as Professional Massage Associates including getting the best therapy to relax muscle tension and to also get the muscular-skeletal balance restored. Robert Rodriguez has more than a decade’s experience in studying massage therapy and in particular sports massage and has been tutored by the famous Alex Matthews and with Sports Massage advanced certification can be expected to provide the best service to suit the most demanding needs of athletes and other individuals.

Typically, Round Rock sports massage at Professional Massage Associates will cost you approximately thirty-five dollars for half an hour during which time you will enjoy the gliding strokes and kneading as well as friction that will relax you as well as help improve your blood circulation. Sixty minutes will cost approximately sixty-five dollars; ninety minutes costs about eighty dollars and three one hour sessions will cost one hundred and eighty dollars which means a fifteen dollar saving.