Fireworks and sports celebrations

Ever since the Chinese invented fireworks, people have been acknowledging them as one of the best ways to show that they are happy. Joy and happiness are what these sparks of fire indicate. Fireworks has always been associated with important opening ceremonies of world sports events. Whether it is the Olympics, World Cup Football or any cricketing event like the Ashes tour or the Down Under tour, fireworks mark the beginning of celebrations and excitement. There is nothing like a good fireworks display to open the curtain on a world event.

Looking at the wealth of world sports bodies, one can imagine that it is not going to be some ordinary and cheap fireworks displays. You can also imagine that the displays are going to be more spectacular than any Christmas crackers or wedding fireworks you have seen. Surely the biggest sporting events in the world demand the best displays of celebration and it is a fact that people assemble at these stadiums on opening ceremonies – some of them to just witness the fireworks. In some of these sporting events, even the players become part of the celebrations. Olympics is one event where an expert archer lights the flame from a distance using a lighted arrow.

Many people choose to buy fireworks online and celebrate once their favourite star or team has won. Sometimes, you would find that before the opening ceremony, fans look for the cheapest fireworks for sale so that they can celebrate in their own locality or premises.

As you can imagine, it is not the everyday sparklers and Roman candles that you see in small festivities that are usually seen in big celebrations. People come here for something big and that is what they get. In these illuminated displays, rockets and Sierra bombs are usually just the beginning of a great display.

The iconic temples of world sports have hosted some of the greatest outdoor and indoor fireworks displays. For instance, the Oval cricketing stadium has been reported to have one of the biggest display of fireworks in the game while Madison Square Garden of New York has had the most frequent fireworks display in the world – especially because different events like basketball and wrestling matches are played there regularly.