How to Keep Smart Devices Alive on Snow Sports

Winter in many places means skiing, ice skating, sledding and snowball fights. When we enjoy these sports fun, there’s nothing better than well-run electronics like iPhone, tablets, reassuring us. There are lots of useful apps to help us drive to a snow-covered terrain with turn-by-turn directions; locate the base of a route by using GPS coordinates; look at the weather forecast; identify local trees, birds, and flowers; take excellent photos and videos; and later share our experience with Facebook buddies or YouTube clips. The smart devices are so important for us everyone, but all that technology comes with a price. We have to ask ourselves: How are we going to keep the device charged when we are outside? How do we check the important calls if our fingers are freezing? How do we keep the snow out of our precious iPhone or iPad. Otterbox: Secure the Phone from Icy Mishaps The first thing to do before taking our mobile device out snow sports is to invest in a sturdy case to protect our phone from breakage and snowstorm. Not only do we get to tote our phones in the snow, but we also protect it from water, dirt, and shock. Otterbox’s Armor Case is a bit pricey at 100 $, but it protects the phone from 10-foot drop onto concrete, can be submerged for 30 minutes in 6.6 feet water, and can withstand up to 2 tons of crushing force. We will never worry about the phone getting damaged with it.

Kinkoo: Keep Our Device Always Powered A research from says, the total time for everyone use electronics is 9 hours a day, and the average smartphone holds 5 hours on the premise of running at full speed while tablet 4 hours. So we must carry a portable charge in our pack so that we can have precious spare for an emergency call when some apps eat up most of power. One of the best and the one I use for my devices is Kinkoo Infinite One Portable Charger. It can work at minus 22? and contains a massive 8000 mAh capacity to recharge my iPhone 5 times. Most of all, it is the lightest and thinnest external battery at only 162g and 11mm in its class. Also, it’s not cheap enough because it uses the best A+ Quality Lithium Polymer battery inside, which charges faster and give a longer shelf life at least 15 months. Beartek: Take Control of the Phone with Snowsport Gloves We wear gloves to protect us. We use smartphone apps to entertain us. If we want to do both and don’t want to switch phones just for a supersensitive touchscreen, we can have a pair of Beartek’s Snowsport gloves. Wear the gloves like we would wear any other gloves and be able to use the smartphone without even taking it out of our pocket! Its finger touch control system lets us answer calls, play/pause and skip music tracks, and capture our ride in video or photos – all while simultaneously providing warmth. In addition, the gloves have premium goatskin leather outer and are windproof and waterproof. They could be one of the cooler ski/winter gadget gifts of the 2013-14 seasons.