Sports Supplements – Safe And Legal

Are sports supplements a safe and legal way to maximize sports and fitness performance?

Athletes who participate in competitive events at the professional, college, and even the high school level are always looking for a performance edge that will allow them to perform at their peak potential.

The same is true of ordinary individuals who enjoy participating in competitive sports or athletic events like tennis, racquetball, pick-up basketball games, company baseball leagues, or charitable walks and runs.

Participating in sports can be highly competitive, and there is always a desire to be just a little bit better.

Even those involved in other non-competitive physical exercise or fitness activities like bodybuilding, aerobic exercise, or rock-climbing are interested in maximizing and enhancing their performance. In solo exercise like these they are competing with the person they were yesterday, seeking to progress a little farther every day on the way to their personal goals.

Many athletes try to find supplements, techniques, or special equipment that helps them perform at their maximum. These are sometimes called “ergogenic aids”. The term ergogenic means to enhance athletic performance by improving energy efficiency, production, or control during exercise.

Nutrition ergogenic aids include such things as vitamin and mineral supplements, extra protein, electrolytes, carbohydrates, creatine, fish oil, bee pollen, flax oil, and glucosamine/chondroitin.

According to many experts nutrition plays a key part in athletic performance. It is the position of Dietitians of Canada, the American Dietetic Association, and the American College of Sports Medicine that physical activity, athletic performance, and recovery from exercise are enhanced by optimal nutrition. They suggest that an appropriate selection of food and fluids, timing of intake, and supplement choices be made for optimal health and exercise performance.

In a departure from statements made in the past, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) now concurs that nutritional supplements can boost athletic performance. In the IOC Concensus Statement on Sports Nutrition 2010 issued on October 27, 2010, the organization concedes that some supplements may enhance performance for some athletes. In the past, the IOC had warned athletes against using nutritional supplements.

In a review of studies of prevalence, patterns, and explanations for vitamin-mineral supplement use among athletes by S.J. Marquart of the Division of Nutritional Sciences, Cornell University, data showed that an average of 46% of athletes use supplements. Usage varies by the sport and professional athletes use supplements more than college or high school athletes.

Vitamin-and-mineral supplements may be especially important for athletes who restrict energy intake, eliminate one or more food groups from their diet, practice severe weight-loss diets, or consume high-carbohydrate diets with low micronutrient density.

People taking supplements, especially athletes, should be aware of the possible risks involved in taking supplements. These include health and doping test risks.

Choose your supplement company wisely when taking a dietary supplement. As many are aware, several supplements have been banned by professional sports organizations (MLB, NCAA, NFL, etc.).

Look for supplements that are not on the prohibited banned lists of major athletic associations and world-wide anti-doping agencies and do not contain banned ingredients. Prohibited Banned Substances are listed by the IOC (International Olympic Committee), USADA (U.S. Anti-Doping Agency), NFL, and NCAA to name a few.

Supplement companies with a sound quality control program, GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices), and products certified by reputable supplement industry review groups like NSF make quality products.

In addition, look for companies that have implemented Good Clinical Practices (cGCP) guidelines for documenting both product effectiveness and safety for general use.

Never take a particular supplement just because someone you know is using it. Using rational criteria such as the above to choose safe and legal sports nutrition supplements is the best procedure. You will ultimately be the one reaping the benefits or suffering the health and legal consequences of your supplement choices.

If you decide to use sports supplements to raise your performance to the next level, don’t use the “scatter gun” approach by beginning your program immediately taking 4 or 5 different nutritional supplements. If you are having success, you won’t know which of the supplements you’re taking are responsible for your progress.

Start taking one supplement at a time for a period of time and evaluate whether it’s delivering the results you’re looking for. Then add additional supplements in the same manner.

In conclusion, an appropriate selection of nutritional sports supplements can be beneficial for optimal sports and exercise performance. Selection of the proper supplements must include an evaluation of their safety and legality.

Lighted Sports Team Signs For Your Home Or Office

Sports. You live, eat, breath and die with the games. Whether it is Monday night football or a Saturday afternoon baseball game the world comes to a complete stop so you can engage in your favorite spectator sport.

What better way to tell the world how much you love your favorite team than with a lighted sports team sign that can shine as brightly as your fervor.

The uses of sports team lighted signs are only narrowed by your imagination. Outdoor entertainment area, living room, rec room, office really anywhere that you have space and a 120 volt power supply, you can place these signs. Usually they are all UL approved for both indoor and outdoor use.

The standard cord included is a six foot black cord that will be obscured in the dark. Some of the NFL and MLB sports team logo lights are larger that three feet square, such as those for the Minnesota Vikings and Chicago White Sox among others. Since these can be up to 54 inches tall, you will need to measure your wall or lawn space to be sure that your favored teams logo will fit.

They are crafted from lightweight rope lights, rather than the expected neon. You will not have to concern yourself with a glass tube breaking, since these rope lights are made of flexible tubing instead of rigid glass.

Perhaps one of the best placements for these team sports lighted signs would be in a pub or bar, but these would even be right at home on the wall of your office or cubicle, depending on your boss sports alliances. Your co-workers and customers will know where your heart lies whenever they near your desk and they see the Dallas Cowboys team sign glowing in your office!.

You will not have to worry about having a glaring, heavy neon sign hanging over your head. All of our lighted team sports signs are cleverly crafted from lightweight rope lights.

One of the benefits of the ropes lights are that they are less likely to break than the glass tubes used for neon lights. This added safety factor is especially important if you intend to hang one, or several, of these in a public place.

However, if you are not a bar owner, or you are forbidden to hang your sign at work, do not worry. There are still many places in and around your home where you could hang your sports lighting sign. Greet your fellow sports fans with your teams lighted logo sign in your porch, yard or front window as they walk up to your front door.

Everyone in the neighborhood will know then to not knock on your door until after the game is over. For those game watching parties in your home theater or living room or game room, you can hang your team logo on your wall.

Having a Packers lighted sports team logo sign on your wall while watching the game will make you feel like you are at your teams home stadium with their large neon logo lights, but your rope light logo will be much cheaper and safer than a glass tube made neon sign could be. Unlike the neon signs at the stadiums, your logo will come without the nine dollar beers and eight dollar hot dogs.

With a selection of both NFL and MLB teams, finding National Football League Lighted Team Sports Signs for the entire year around is easy. You can put up a football teams logo until the Super Bowl, and then it is just two months until spring training starts up for the MLB, at which time, your baseball team sign will be apropos.

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Free Live Sky Sports Streaming Television Online On Pc

You can watch free live SKY, ABC, CBS, NBC, ESPN, NFL and SKY sports tv online streaming from a satellite direct tv software which is available on the internet. The package allows you to watch online sky sports tv streaming to your pc including NFL sports live football. The software is a good alternative to cable tv and can be used to stream free live SKY, ABC, CBS, NBC, ESPN, NFL and SKY sports online tv.

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You will need to install a high speed internet like dsl or broadband if you are still using a dial up service. The high speed is better for internet tv streaming since it is able to handle the fast downloads better. Your internet can have speeds of up to 1mbps or lower.

Your current computer will be able to stream the live SKY, ABC, CBS, NBC, ESPN, NFL and SKY sports channels online without a problem. This means that you dont need to do any upgrades on your pc memory. The pc requirements for streaming live free tv online are very basic and almost all computers have these specs.

Why This Package Is Best For Streaming SKY, ABC, CBS, NBC, ESPN, NFL And SKY Sports TV Shows

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Short Biography Of Stephon Heyer

Are you looking for Steven Heyer?

Are you curious about Stephon Heyer, a great NFL player and businessman? Heyer excels in much besides football, although his determination and success is certainly visible in his sporting accomplishments. Stephon Heyer’s Early Life

Heyer comes from Snellville, a small town in Georgia. He was born to parents Ron and Glenda Heyer in January of 84. When he began playing football in freshman year of high school Heyer was six feet tall and 230 lbs. At the end of his senior year he had grown six inches and put on 100 lbs, most of it muscle. He also wears a size 22 shoe. He played left tackle in school and due to his impressive performance many colleges were interested in him, including Michigan, Florida, and Arkansas.

He eventually decided on Maryland where he majored in criminal justice. Heyer made schoolwork a priority, but also played in 50 games, starting at left tackle in over 30 of them. He finished school in 2006 and was considered by the NFL after his performance in the Hula Bowl.

In 2007 he began his NFL career with the Redskins, where he played until 2011. In August of that year, he saw opportunity in Oakland, and switched to the Raiders, bringing little more with him than the clothes on his back.

What Drives Stephon Heyer?

Heyer’s mom was a single parent who envisioned a bright future for her child. She arranged for a personal trainer to assist her son while he was in high school. He helped him develop his physical skills while also teaching him how to remain motivated and focused. Heyer when he is not working hard also knows how to have fun and can be very laid back and approachable. He is determined to always remain one step ahead of the pack in the game of life and his commitment to excellence shows it.

Heyer now currently lives in Oakland and is a proud father, in addition to being successful in business. With all that he has going for him, Stephon Heyer is going to be someone to keep an eye on in the future. He is a person who shows us that we can do well if we only practice and focus on doing our best. Heyer is a classic example of success through hard work, and we would do well to emulate him. Best of luck Mr. Heyer.