Enlyten Review – Can Sports Products Convert To Mlm Profits

The energetic sports community is Enlyten’s market. By selecting Shaqulle O’Neal, as their promotional spokesperson their marketing program has a face with influence. Enlyten has a distinctive product which is health enhancing but doesn’t come in capsule or liquid form. To be more precise, Enlyten’s product comes in the form of strips that dissolve in the mouth. It is not just athletes who find the product effective. Other groups of people, like office workers, students, etc. find the strips enhance their concentration, energy and mental abilities.

The Enlyten Product Line

Enlyten currently has seven specific products. All are alike in that they are packaged in small cassettes. There is a distinctive color for each product. The cassettes are packaged with 12 to 22 strips with the following specialties:

Antioxidant Strips: This top product line packs a range of antioxidants in a berry-flavored strip.

Electrolytes Strips: Electrolytes replace crucial components of the body’s fluids that are released in sweat in the course of vigorous activity. These strips thus improve energy and muscle capability.

Energy Strips: Caffeine, with its proven attention and energy enhancing capabilities, is combined with ginseng and gingko (along with excellent vitamins) to increase stamina levels.

Melatonin Strips: The natural sleep-enhancing supplement, melatonin, and the extra theanine in this line helps reduce stress.

Appetite Suppressant Strips: As a weight control tool, this strip uses ingredients that suppress the body’s signals to eat more, providing you the capability to consume less and subsequently weigh less.

Calorie Burner Strips: The vitamins in this strip enhance the body’s signals to burn more calories, serving as a weight-loss supplement.

FIX Recovery Strips: After vigorous periods of exertion, this strip is designed to assist the body in restoring its defenses and energy levels.

Enlyten’s Business Model

Enlyten runs on a qualified executive team that leverages generations of business success in one robust model. They decided on the consumer-to-consumer marketing model and boast a well-structured compensation plan to improve the lives and success of their sales team. The Enlyten brand is growing in popularity and increasing its market into other countries and market sectors.

Enlyten also has a Medical Advisory Council to enhance the hard work of the leadership team. The team of six medical doctors covers a broad number of medical specialties, who offer their expert insight on enhancing Enlyten’s product.

Network Marketing Enlyten

Enlyten promises to provide an ideal opportunity for a successful network marketing venture. Just having the strategic and unique product line alone will not be enough for the network marketer to be successful. And the old school marketing techniques of the past are worn out and less successful than they used to be.

With the arrival of Internet marketing, the circle of friends and relatives that were once a core customer group has given way to new potential. Moving to a wider customer field using the Internet requires new levels of awareness of attraction marketing in order to emerge as a leader. Nevertheless, with this insight into your business toolbox, you will be extremely successful with Enlyten.