Gay Sports And Fitness Shop In London

Fitness equipment for health conscious gays

We all know how we feel about our bodies and how much effort we put towards staying fit and healthy. Gays are known to be such extremists at times when it comes to having a hot and fit body. There are the rare gays who sport a beer belly but most of gay men are generally well toned and watchful about their waistline.

Gay fitness shop in London

Even though there are gays who devotedly go to gyms, most gays prefer the comfort and warmth of home to cold and steely gyms. Gays are known to have some of the best exercise equipment around and know their treadmill from cross trainer. However, most gays unknowingly spend a lot on exercise equipment and are unaware of gay sports and fitness shops in London where they can get branded fitness equipment at reasonable prices.

About sports store in London

Sports store in London such as PJ Fitness Store, Elite Health and Fitness and Sweatband have possibly the best sport and fitness equipment but at the same time, they are pretty expensive. You can get all types of equipment such as rowers, exercise bikes, cross trainers and the dear old treadmill but be ready to shell out a considerable sum of money! You can get same brands of fitness equipment online at almost half the price that you get in local shops in London.

Now that you know how to buy fitness equipment, find out about the types of exercise equipment that you must have, so that you can make a smart choice and a well-informed decision.

Types of exercise equipment


Reach your fitness goals easily with treadmill and experience improvement in cardiovascular conditions and weight. It is good for rehabilitation and improvement in sports performance. If you want a treadmill for home use, look for folding treadmill. Treadmills can vary and you can walk, power walk, run or sprint with it, so find out what you can do with your choice of treadmill before you buy one.

Cross trainer

Cross trainers help improve cardiovascular health like treadmills but in a very different manner. You have to use your arms and legs independently when using a cross trainer, so you get a full body workout. This equipment bears a low impact on the joints, as you do not experience any form of ground reaction forces. Many gay men prefer cross trainers as they workout your upper and lower body simultaneously.

Exercise bikes

Most men, gay or otherwise, love exercise bikes. Their popularity is wide and they have received a cult status. There are two major types of exercise bikes, studio cycles and recumbent style exercise bikes. Studio cycles or spinning bikes are for young and hot-blooded gay men who are gym buds but dont have the time to hit the gym whereas recumbent bikes are for people with problems of hip or knee joints or suffer from back pain or mobility problems.


Rowers or rowing machines that give a full body workout and can target 84% of your muscle groups. They offer a low impact exercise and imitate rowing actions, thus the name rower. Rowers are probably the best for home use but dont be tempted to buy very compact rowers, as the smaller the rower, the lesser the range of motion and lesser the benefits. Normally, there are three types of rowers in the market, magnetic rowers, air rowers and water rowers. Out of the three, water rowers are the best machines as they are quiet, provide quality stroke and increase resistance gradually, something that other two rowers dont offer.

Find out the best brands and best deals for any of the above-mentioned fitness equipment and find your way to a slim and fit body with excellent cardiovascular health!