Digging the past and depicting the present trends of Sports betting

Sports betting, an activity for predicting sports results and placing some amount as betting on the final results is very much popular among the youngsters and adults. Digging up the history involved with USA Sports Betting Sites will disclose the history evolved with this field since past several years. Here we are briefly representing that how a sport betting has changed his structure since 1000 B.C. till 2013 A.D.

* Several years before, round about during 1000 B.C., the first sports betting was done between dogs and horse racings. Chinese people were the first one to bet on racing sports that was organize between dogs and horses. This was the first time betting was recorded in the history of sports.

* Then the next betting recorded in the history of sports was during 400 B.C. Greeks used to bet on different Olympic Games.

* The next betting that was recorded in betting world is an interesting one. In 300 B.C. The Romans used to bet on gladiator flights. This has no connection with the sports betting world, but still it is presented here because it involves betting term.

* Then after during 600-1600 A.D. Medieval Europe initiated betting trends based on animal races. They used to place huge amount of money for various races organized between different animals.

* During 1800 A.D. betting was done on some types of sports like rugby and soccer. British people used to bet on organized rugby and soccer matches and enjoyed betting a lot.

* Nearly after a century, in 1920 A.D. a trend started to bet on horse racings, boxing, baseball, college football as well as basketball. Most of the people started betting on these kinds of sports and used to enjoy the game.

* Nearly about 1927, many bettors and gamblers used to place bets on different sports through T.V. People used to come in contact with bookies and local casinos to bet on different sports.

* After 2 years of that almost for a decade (i.e., 1929-1939) a project named The Great Depression and Hover Dam lead to legal gambling in Nevada.

* During 1950, Las Vegas became the center for betting and gaming sports in United States and after that slowly the betting trend became popular. This resulted in making New Jersey as a legal gambling center in Atlantic City in 1977.

* After 2 years of that, in 1979, the Seminole tribe opened first commercial gambling reservation center. During 1991, Mississippi approved for permanently docked riverboat casinos.

* Then in 1994, first offshore sportsbooks show was live on internet and in 1996 Michigan legalized gambling/betting in Detroit for supporting their economy.

* Within 6-7 years after that, in 2003, online sports betting reached up to profit of $63 billion and after that till now betting fever has been spread around the world. In 2011, it is a record that at-least 1 in 4 American is betting on any sports event once in a year.