Sports Related Fundraising Ideas

Are you tired of selling chocolate bars to raise money for your school fundraisers? Do you spend a lot of time training for your sport with nutrition and practice that selling chocolate and sugary snacks doesnt seem to reflect your team?

Would you like to have options that include healthy snacks? Would you like to put on an active fundraising campaign? Here are a few options that you might like to put on better sports fundraisers.

Sell Healthy Items

A lot of professional fundraising companies can offer your school sports team better alternatives to chocolate. Some examples of smart fundraising snack alternatives are nuts. And trail mixes. Cashew halves are available and other mixed nuts. They have natural oils and are low in fat.

Trail mixes are available with a mixture of nuts, cranberries, raisins and banana chips. There are other samples of trail mixes that your school club can sell. Whether the donor has spicy tastes or salty there are healthier options for him.

It is a very easy and successful campaign to put on. The healthy snacks fundraisers are sold to donors in the $6-$8 dollar range. Donors are usually excited about this switch from chocolate because it gives them new choices. It is an order taking campaign with the donor choosing his snacks; the orders will be totaled and then shipped from the fundraising company. There is no left over stock to handle because everything that is shipped is already sold.

Active Sports Fundraising Ideas

You can use just about any activity for a active fundraising campaign. The sports fundraisers are great ways to get a large cross section of people to participate and depending on the time of the year also a variety of choices.

Bowling tournaments are a great way to appeal to different age groups. It doesnt matter if its ten pin, five pin or lawn bowling a tournament will bring out all the bowling aficionados. Approach you local club and arrange for a day for your school team or charity event. This bowling fundraiser can be put on any time of the year.

Golf tournaments are easy to put on and get people out for. Tournaments generate publicity and appeal to corporations. A few calls and some advertising can net you some corporate sponsorship as well. Many courses will be happy to help you set up the organizational work.

Check out part 2 of this article for even more active fundraising ideas.

Sports Jerseys Talismans

Can anyone forget the vision of Brandi Chastain embracing the U.S. soccer team’s victory over China in the 1999 Women’s World Cup by tearing off her sports jersey and going to her the ground in her completely demuresports bra? The image of that jersey waved overhead was displayed internationally and is a wonderful depiction of what sports jerseys have come to stand for talismans of the ability of sports to create joy; engage attention;tap emotions; and even to cure. Jersey wholesalers have made jerseys readily available to all, from professional athletes to childrens’s informal pick-up teams. But wholesale jerseys have also become a way for fans to satisfy their wish to be closer to well-known athletes and memorable moments in sports history.

Jerseys have become synonymous with well-known users in the world of famous athletes. Followers recall their favorites by jersey number alone. Who wears jersey number eight in the National Basketball Association? Maybe a lot of guys do, but the answer from a true follower will be the Laker’s “Kobe Bryant.” When the Lakers achieved victory over the Magic in the 2009 NBA Championship finals, jersey wholesalers were trying hard to keep #8 in stock. Likewise, if a fan hears #7 and Pennsylvania football — the conclusion is instantaneous: Ben Roethlisberger, winner of the Super Bowl. Identifying with their winners by wearing sports jerseys helps followers bond their favorite sport.

Anecdotes abound about the kindness of sports heroes who have donated their own jerseys to individual fans, often kids who have suffered sickness. Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heat and a gold-medal Olympian broke his ownsingle- game scoring record and then gave the jersey he wore that night to a kid who had suffered amputation of hands and feet due to a bacterial infection. On a broader scale, professional athletes often donate their signed jerseys to charities that use them for fundraising and for publicity.

Many of these well-known sports figures have begun foundations of their own to convert their fame into help for sick kids and adults. Lance Armstrong, famous bicyclist, has his own foundation for kids with cancer. When the baseball Red Sox were in the World Series, nurses at a nearby children’s hospital wore jerseys in support of the team and Red Sox players visited entire wards of kids to bring some entertainment,excitement and, yes, jerseys to their lives. Wholesale jerseys suppliers have done their part to donate to such philanthropies as well.

Much could be written about the meaning of jerseys and their role in sports and in the minds of the public. Wholesale jerseys and jersey wholesalers make the dreams real to an enormous number of fans who just want the jersey they don to capture the power of sports to inspire.

Career and Tourism Opportunities in the Sports Industry

Recent trends in public interest towards sports has catalyzed new career opportunities in the sports industry, and this trend will also predictably grow. This trend can be thought of as a sign of our times. Families, teams, and individuals are on the move with different motives: some are in for the competition; others seek interaction with like-minded travelers, while others are lured as spectators. This trend may be due to the proliferation of sport supplies in the market which has helped greatly in sports development, and it has brought about the demand for a new team of professionals that will cater solely to the needs both of sports as an industry and as a novel area of tourism.

Tourism-wise, the sports industry have opened an opportunity for hospitality practitioners that are adept with the latest trends in sports that will be of interest to travelers. While practicing their profession as hospitality managers, these professionals suddenly found it that their being abreast with the latest in sports trends have put them in a position that enables them to better interact with their sports-minded clientele.

On the other hand, as an adjunct to the professional training of athletes, the need for professional writers of sporting books have also emerged. These writers of sporting books must be highly knowledgeable in a sense that they should not only have the skills expected of a writer but they should also possess a comprehensive command of their subject, thereby ensuring that they can can serve the industry better.

The sprouts industry also opened a door for technology experts who can engineer the production of sport supplies that will meet not only the physical need of an athlete but will also consider other aspects of a particular sport in a holistic manner. For instance, ergonomic engineers are highly in demand for the design of athletic support systems that will ensure the overall functionality of sports paraphernalia before its final production. Without the expertise of these professionals, the quality of sports supplies will suffer, and as a whole, it may also affect the quality of an athlete’s experience. Such a scenario may demoralize professional athletes and will be detrimental to the sports industry. The same is also true with amateur athletes.

The industry is also being pushed to a steady rate of growth by multimedia practitioners. Before the advent of multimedia technologies, training of athletes and sports amateurs depended solely on face to face sessions with a trainer or instructor, and also on the best sports books that can be had. Thanks to technology, even a minimal session with an instructor or trainer will suffice for an athlete or a sport amateur. The presence of videos makes up for time that an instructor or trainer is not around.

Fundraisers For Pre-teen Sports Teams

Pre-teen sports teams give young people a great opportunity to participate in a team sport, make new friends, and learn about teamwork. Besides being great fun and keeping them out of trouble, participation in pre-teen sports also gives young people a solid foundation for the future.

While fundraising on the part of parents, coaches and teachers is good and effective, the young people enjoying team sports can also enjoy participating in the fundraising themselves.

Encouraging participation

Everybody loves pre-teen sports, and sometimes the parents get even more excited about it than the kids. At the very beginning of the season, send out a fundraising letter or hold a meeting with all the parents to discuss fundraising, if for no other reason, to get them prepared to spend some time and get into a fundraising mode. Leverage the parents that were involved the year before. Encourage them to help out again in sharing their ideas and wisdom with the rest of the group. Get the kids interested too. Discuss the need for fundraising with them, and tell them about a few fundraising ideas. Kids are natural salespeople, and will be able to help out a lot towards their own cause–don’t make the mistake of just leaving all the fundraising to the parents.

Set the stage for participation in the next fundraiser too, by making sure to recognize the hard work done by all the volunteers, including both students and parents, making sure everyone knows the results of the fundraising, and sending a “thank you” to donors.

Have specific goals

Pre-teen sports teams can always use money for something, whether it’s new uniforms, awards, field trips, or equipment. But each fundraising initiative should have a specific and realistic goal that everybody is working for. When a child says “will you buy a box of candy to help us buy uniforms,” they’re a lot more likely to get a positive response than if they simply say, “will you buy a box of candy.” Also, you’ll get your parent and student volunteers more excited about fundraising if they know what they are working towards. Raising money for the “general fund” isn’t nearly as glamorous as raising money for something tangible that everybody can see and is within reach.

Specific goals are easy to come by. Pre-teen sports teams aren’t known for having large amounts of wealth, and there’s almost always something they need. Even if the team is school-sponsored, schools all over the country are suffering from cutbacks and often don’t have the funds to support the teams like they should. Keep in mind too, there are a lot of corporate sponsors and local businesses that would love to help, and would love to have some positive publicity. If they know exactly what is needed, you may have a chance of getting just a handful of companies together to foot the bill for the equipment, trips, or uniforms you need.

Getting support from community businesses

A common method of getting support from local businesses is to publish a yearbook, or sell ads on your team sports programs. It’s not hard to get the support of local merchants, but you do need to follow a few simple guidelines:

In addition to describing the benefit a donation will give to the team, describe the benefit to the individual merchant. You will be much more likely to get a donation if you are offering something to the merchant of value. This may come in the form of ad space in a program, having their company name displayed in the clubhouse, or a mention over the loudspeaker at halftime.

Follow up after the fundraiser is over. Send a “thank you” letter or a small token of appreciation to every donor. This shows them that you appreciate their support–and it also sets the stage for their participation in future events.

Give them a range of options. Don’t ask for the same amount from every merchant, give them a range of options from small to large dollar amounts.

What are the Benefits of Playing Sports

In history, sports have played a vital role in the lives of many people. Sporty people acknowledge the fact that their lives have become more meaningful and active when they have chosen to engage in various sports activities and sports events. So, when you are given a chance to become a sportsman and to play a sport where you can be very good at, grab such opportunity. It will be a rewarding feeling especially if you are seriously considering living a healthy lifestyle.

Enumerating the Many Benefits of Playing Sports When you play a sport, you are hugely benefited. Some of the benefits of playing a sport include the following:
1.Living a healthy academic lifestyle
2.Having the right discipline, right attitude, and endurance
3.Popularity in school and the ability to influence other students to play sports as well
4.Building one’s confidence
5.Meeting new friends and acquaintances who are also very interested in sports These are some of the apparent benefits that are always attributed in playing sports.

Students who play their chosen sport don’t only sport their corresponding varsity letterman jackets with chenille letters but they also sport a lot of good qualities that are expected from a reliable and role model player. Throughout history, sports have been greatly appreciated. The ancient Greeks were so reputable when it comes to Olympics. The Olympics have been established two thousand years ago and until now the influence of playing a lot of sports has reached every corner of the world.

In the past, sports were played brutally and the results of the sports events reflect the tradition and the values of the players. The cultural impact of every sport played by athletes and the so called warriors pertains to cultural-based ideas and events that were currently taking place in their times. After Greece, Romans took over and they were as violent as the Greeks, too. They were natural born athletes and players. The history of sports is rich in good stories to tell.But the important thing is that: diversified sports have reached the modern times. Now, there are modern rules for modern sports that are played by modern people. They are particularly highlighted because the technology allows people to watch them whenever they are.

Today, the society dictates that sports have to be appreciated. This is the reason why students are encouraged to add to their curriculum sports subjects that will teach the students sports lessons. Part of the lessons that student learn in life include having the right attitude and taking seriously the responsibilities and duties that are given to them. Students must also not get involved in bad ways such as drugs and alcohol so that they will have a brighter future in their chosen field of sport. If this is the case, then, it is only when that student will benefit from the many good things that sports have to offer in their lives and in their pursuit of quality education and better future.