Fireworks and sports celebrations

Ever since the Chinese invented fireworks, people have been acknowledging them as one of the best ways to show that they are happy. Joy and happiness are what these sparks of fire indicate. Fireworks has always been associated with important opening ceremonies of world sports events. Whether it is the Olympics, World Cup Football or any cricketing event like the Ashes tour or the Down Under tour, fireworks mark the beginning of celebrations and excitement. There is nothing like a good fireworks display to open the curtain on a world event.

Looking at the wealth of world sports bodies, one can imagine that it is not going to be some ordinary and cheap fireworks displays. You can also imagine that the displays are going to be more spectacular than any Christmas crackers or wedding fireworks you have seen. Surely the biggest sporting events in the world demand the best displays of celebration and it is a fact that people assemble at these stadiums on opening ceremonies – some of them to just witness the fireworks. In some of these sporting events, even the players become part of the celebrations. Olympics is one event where an expert archer lights the flame from a distance using a lighted arrow.

Many people choose to buy fireworks online and celebrate once their favourite star or team has won. Sometimes, you would find that before the opening ceremony, fans look for the cheapest fireworks for sale so that they can celebrate in their own locality or premises.

As you can imagine, it is not the everyday sparklers and Roman candles that you see in small festivities that are usually seen in big celebrations. People come here for something big and that is what they get. In these illuminated displays, rockets and Sierra bombs are usually just the beginning of a great display.

The iconic temples of world sports have hosted some of the greatest outdoor and indoor fireworks displays. For instance, the Oval cricketing stadium has been reported to have one of the biggest display of fireworks in the game while Madison Square Garden of New York has had the most frequent fireworks display in the world – especially because different events like basketball and wrestling matches are played there regularly.

Elements Office

By Smita Singh Photography: Courtesy the architects

Noida-based Archohm Architects play illusionists and transform a small office with focus on 3 fundamentals – space, light and sound…

Challenged to accommodate an 8-people conference room; workstations, a waiting area, pantry, guest toilet; director’s room with attached restroom and storage space in 450sqft of space, the architect firm led by principal architect Sourabh Gupta, have designed around a camouflage principle with an intriguing play of simple elements like overhead planters, glass walls, mirrors, etc.

Clad in white – a colour that opens up the space, the compact office houses pragmatic functions like pantry, fax machine, etc into a customised corian unit, and organizes storage via closed and open compartmentalized niches.

Treatment to the furniture is laudable: the centrally positioned workstations are in fact, a single continuous unit in corian designed for 3 people, with a side bench for visitors. Cork/ tag board partitions divide the workstation table top, doubling up as pin-up boards. Overhead planters visually divide the areas into waiting and working. The all-white materiality is interestingly broken, when one enters the chic conference room and director’s cabin. The company’s product line – leather shoes, are displayed in leather-clad punctures along a quilted leather wall, complemented by a brown carpeted floor. Along similar lines, the director’s cabin sports shades of brown in the carpet tiles, leather sofas, rough and smooth polished dark wood, which makes it an impressive space.

Light, as the second predominant element is catered to via a striking Barasol fabric pendant, general artificial light as well as a balance of natural light; contributing refreshingly to the ambiance of the compact work place.

Sound absorption is taken care of via choice of insulating materials, right from the entrance door to the double-glass screen, quilted backdrops and carpeted flooring. The project stands testimony to the inherent challenges of, and illustrates the phenomenal design and expression of thought-provoking interior design, within constrained spaces

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Tips on How to Become A Sports Photographer

How can you become a sports photographer? Sports photography ranks as one of the most desired career destinations for budding photographers. Not only do you get free and up-close action to major sports events but you also get to take pretty cool photographs too! So, do you know how to become a sports photographer?

Camera And Equipment

The first thing you will need is a suitable camera and equipment.

To start with, you do not need anywhere near the level of equipment that is used by the professionals. They use digital SLR cameras and the best lenses and such equipment costs thousands of dollars. They also bring laptops or other computer equipment with them wherever they go so that they can quickly upload their photos to whoever wants them.

All you need to begin with is a decent multi-function camera that features interchangeable lenses. My recommendation is for a Canon camera as these are highly respected in the trade. Along with the camera, get yourself a collapsible tripod and a telephoto lens.


If you know next to nothing about photography then I recommend joining a club or a course to find out. It is unlikely to be specifically geared towards sports photography but nevertheless it will still be highly valuable.

In sports photography, much of your work will be action shots that need to be taken with a fast shutter speed. You will often have to track your subjects, especially in highly dynamic sports such as motor racing. Knowing how to use the basic functions of a camera such as aperture and shutter speed is an absolute necessity.

Starting Out

At the beginning, you won’t be able to gain access to the biggest sporting events and it is unlikely that you will be able to produce the highest quality shots demanded by agencies and newspapers anyway.

Your best bet is to start locally. Find local sports teams and offer to take photographs for them for free. This will enable you to develop your techniques and build a good portfolio in order to showcase your talents.


When you think your work is of a good enough standard, you can start to work with agencies.

Newspapers do not usually wish to deal directly with photographers except for a select few that they may have on their books. Mostly, they will depend on agencies who effectively act as middlemen between the freelance photographers and the print (and Internet) media.

Sports Gambling Winning With Sports Betting Systems

Sports gambling, also acknowledged as sports betting, is the process of wagering money on sports events in anticipation of a winning or even a losing outcome. One can also bet on a score range of a sports event.

Sports betting is deemed illegal in certain countries. As a result, many people use offshore online sportsbooks to overcome this hindrance. Where sports gambling is permissible, the lowest age of punters is, as a rule, set at 21 years of age.

Its a distressing reality that at least 90% of sports punters lose cash in the long term, simply for the reason that they gamble with no a plan or sports betting system. Furthermore, the majority dont follow a strict disciplined money management plan.

Punters can put money on a broad variety of sports such as American football, basketball, baseball, soccer, hockey, boxing, horse racing – to label a few – depending on what their sportsbook offers.

Spread bets, parlays, proposition bets, teasers are just several of the betting types. Each one of these has its own separate rules.

By and large, there are 3 things you ought to keep in mind for winning at sports gambling:

1. Acquire the right online sportsbook – A sportsbook is a sports gambling platform that permits punters to gamble. A respectable sportsbook will offer a varied amount of sports to wager on, and will keep updated information of sports events, teams, plays, and odds.

A number of online sportsbooks are illegal and as a result unregulated, so be wary when choosing; you could be playing into a fraudsters hands with the likelihood of losing all your money! Notwithstanding, millions of individuals have successfully placed, and won bets that they have placed online.

2. Adhering to a sports betting system – This can be your own self-developed sports betting system, achieved from your experience, or someone elses. There are many sports betting systems being sold; several are really first-rate and can win up to 97% of all bets wagered. Utilizing one means you wont need to go through a learning curve by losing cash in the process.

3. Proper money management – self-control is everything. You should bankroll yourself effectively. Pace yourself stringently so that you can capitalize on winnings and reduce losses.

70% of all adults in the USA have indulged in some form of sports betting, which suggests that sports gambling is the most popular form of betting.

One ought to maintain a decent familiarity of the sports to know how, where, and when to place the best bets. This will present one a fighting opportunity to win consistently. Sticking to a decent wagering regimen, or sports betting system, will place the punter at the forefront of the broad betting population.

The sports gambling bettor can experience winning and losing streaks over time, but optimistically will emerge a winner in the long run. Contrary to common belief, sports gambling is not a sure fire way to become rich since even the most seasoned gambler can be inflicted with losing seasons or streaks. So try to remember the three aforementioned principles:

In support of the sports gambling enthusiast, my advice is to gamble with a cool head, and have fun using a decent sportsbook, sports betting system, and efficient money management.

Personalised Calendars For Every Sports Fan

Sports fans are not as peculiar as most people think. It may be true that these fans spend some of their time in the cold pouring rain, soaked to the bone and can even get hypothermia just to be able to watch a group of men running around, running after the ball and group hugging from time to time. Fans that are not on the stadium tend to watch the big game at home with cans of beer and chips and yelling at the television set. When a man is in that state, it will be impossible to talk to him even if you keep trying. Most football and rugby fans behave this way. What gifts can you give these men? Personalised gifts can be the gifts that can please them. Each gift can have their favorite sport as the theme.

As opposed to football and rugby fans, cricket fans are quite different. Fans of cricket tend to gather in smaller groups instead of packs. Most fans of this sport tend to play it as well which means you can easily find these people at cricket clubs. These people are a far cry from typical football fans because they are well-behaved and civilized probably because the sport itself is a lot slower and is not as exciting as football matches. This is also the reason why it is not so surprising to see players fall asleep while watching the game. A thoughtful gift could be something that can prevent that person from dozing off. If you are out of gift ideas, you can search the internet, but be specific in your search like gifts for men Ireland.

Exciting gifts should be able to boost a cricket fans adrenaline level. A gift like a personalised calendar can actually be exciting if it incorporates great images. A few ideas would be to have his name written on different displays like on the wicket, stumps, on the clouds, as graffiti on the wall, on top of the scoreboard or a floating blimp. Cricket fans are not necessarily just men. In fact, a good number of women actually like the sport as well. For these women, you can also choose to give them Christmas presents with a cricket theme like the personalised calendar mentioned above. You can actually personalise any item by engraving, printing, painting or monogramming it with someones name, initials or a personal message.